Midula is a self-taught artist based in London. Born and brought up in Lancashire to Hindu parents, Midula moved to London to train and work as an accountant. 


Midula has been creating art since 2013. Her art practice includes drawing, printing, digital media and spray painting.​


Midula’s artistic style crosses pop art, abstract art and surrealism. Each artistic style represents a different stream of thought and is used to demonstrate the complexity of the human mind.

Through her art, Midula explores the themes of identity, self, and self-worth.

In 2013, Midula started to create art as a form of therapy to help her unlock her thoughts.

She adopted the practice of Surrealist Automatism throughout 2013-2014; these pieces  were created as a stream of consciousness. Free from conscious thought, Midula would offload her thoughts on to paper and fabric. 

Her works on paper formed her “Journal” series, and her works on fabric formed her “Fabric of Society and Multi-culture” series’. Drawing on her own struggles as a British Asian balancing two sets of cultures, Midula explored the dynamic of identity by screen printing on to fabric.


After returning to Finance in late 2013, Midula continued to develop her artistic style and practice.


From 2014-2017, Midula experimented with different media as she manipulated her artwork on to different surfaces. Working with printers to create artwork on silks, leathers, and wood. Midula extended her practice to digital media which she used to create abstract pieces which focused on perspective. 


In 2018 Midula began work with the chanting and sound work expert, Nikki Slade. Using chanting as a tool to tap into her thoughts and feelings Midula was able to explore further the different facets which belie a person's identity, and sense of self. 


Her artistic style became more emboldened and freer from rational thought as she began to fully embrace both her art influences of Pop Art and Surrealism and her identity. She continued to experiment with the use of colour and placement, using colour to draw the viewers eye to the focal point of the piece in the way others would use negative space. 

Midula’s artistic style and temperament has become bolder which reflects her growing confidence both in herself as a person and as an artist.  She continues to seek to challenge the viewer by creating artwork that can be interpreted through multiple lenses.


Today she creates art pieces outside as she is keen to share her work practice and process with the public. 

Midula continues to explore the themes of identity, self, self-value in her work which she believes is a life long challenge.

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