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"Throughout my life I've struggled to find my identity and my sense of self-worth. This, together with the battle of my mind between my logical self and creative self, has unleashed a complex web of thoughts.


Art enables me to unpick my thoughts and meditate the conflicts. The process of creating art allows me to tackle the questions of self, identity and self-worth in a safe habitat.

As I explore these questions through my art, the missing link in my DNA is becoming mapped. That is the reason why I shift my artistic style from Pop Art, Surrealism and Abstract Art, as each artistic style reflects a different stream of my thoughts."

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Spray Paint Un Dos Tres Calypso no borde

Surrealist Art 

Pop Art & Surrealist Art  on a Larger Scale

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When Picasso Danced with Emin 1.jpg

Abstract Art

Surrealist Automatism

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Lipstick #3

Lipstick #3

Lipstick #3

Lipstick #3

Lipstick #3

Lipstick #3

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