Created in 2019. I became more confident in creating bigger and bolder with my pop art pieces having decided to go back to my roots namely Litchtenstein and Patrick Caulfield. I wanted to create cleaner, simpler art pieces under the Pop Art umbrella whilst adding a twist with references to Memphis Design.


With this piece I wanted to keep it simple and focus on the black lines and the form of the pieces rather than bring in colour. This piece is therefore stripped back and focuses on the letter form, the shapes and the inner design element which have been inspired by the Memphis design movement.


Interweaving the letters to form one body, this represents both the strength of the group and the unique beauty of the individual self in this instance the letters of the alphabet.


This piece is a special piece for me because it was drawn in a Moleskin sketch book that some good friends of mine had gifted to me. Every time I drew in the book was a reminder of our friendship so I would always be that extra careful when creating artwork in my Moleskin sketch book.


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