Apple Power

Created March 2019 as a piece of graffiti art on the walls of Leake Street, London (spray paint.)


As my voice has become stronger and I've become freer with my emotions and my feelings, I've switched to using spray painting and paint as a means of expression which I've discovered allows me to bring my art to life. Spray paint and paint has become my current medium of choice as I look to create larger artworks.


This piece was created during the same session as the Picasso’s 1st Dance with Emin. 


Based on my Apple art drawing, I wanted to see how this piece would translate as a wall mural. The original Apple art drawing explores the concept of affirmations and how a positive statement out to the universe has the power light up the world around us with love, colour and positivity. I chose to depict the central emitter of the affirmation as a piece of fruit, in this case an apple. I

The apple representing the positive intention for health and well being. I tried to recreate elements of the apple drawing but as I translated this on a larger scale I decided to focus on simplifying this piece and focusing on a cleaner graphic approach together with a limited colour pallet.

Injecting my personality and beliefs into this piece, I decided to include an eye and heart whilst adding switching into a meditative flow of creating lots of circles in simple form, complemented by ink spots.

It was during this session that a number of people walked by and commented positively on what I was doing. It gave me such a boost and made me realise that I could create beautiful artwork that people loved and found interesting. This gave me the confidence to create large scale pieces of artwork for the home. You could say it was a turning point for me.


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Apple Power

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