Created in 2018, 2018 was a year where I became more confident in creating bigger and bolder art pieces. I went back to my roots namely Litchtenstein and Patrick Caulfield and wanted to create cleaner, simpler art pieces under the Pop Art umbrella.


At the time I had started to chant and increase my meditation practise, I was also working long hours in the corporate job. Brainwaves represents my self at the time where I was becoming more self aware of my inner confidence, and my own happiness levels. My brain was constantly on the go thinking, analysing, awakening and the lack of much needed sleep didn’t help at the time either!


This was hand drawn, and I used a very restricted colour pallet in this piece. I decided to represent my brainwaves and my thinking mind as different shapes and objects. This is a reflection of the two sides of my life, my creative side and my logical side, somehow in all of the midst they co-exist quite happily. In life we are pushed into either being a creative or being a logical / business type of person but for some reason we never embrace the fact that we are both. 


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