Exploding Minds

Created in 2013, this is an early piece which I wanted to share with you.

At the time I had started to meditate every day and my yoga practise was becoming stronger day by day, I could sense that I was becoming more grounded and rooted in myself and in my own voice. However with that comes lots of spiritual wakening and questioning of the world. I had also just broken up with my log-term boyfriend. So much stuff was whizzing around my mind and through my life that things seemed to be out of control. The covered mouth represents me trying to find the words to articulate what I was thinking but I felt so shut out from the world. The splash of colours represent my uncontrollable thoughts and emotions which were whizzing around at the time.


Original artwork: Collage and paint on paper 59.4cm x 42cm


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Exploding Minds

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