Inner Unicorn Meets My Little Pony

Created in 2018. 

This piece is based on my “Unorthodox Unicorn” artwork, and celebrates the beauty of the individual and our inner child.


My unicorn drawing isn’t based on the stereo typical beautified unicorn imagery which seems to have taken over the world over the past few years, but based on a sense of fun, trail blazing stuff the rules approach. She’s not symmetrical, she’s not perfect. In fact she’s got two horns one of which is on the wonky side but she’s still a unicorn. Multiplying the original artwork to create a connected set of unicorns who are out playing and having fun; embracing the child like innocence of life. The reference to My Little Pony is to my 4 year old niece.


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Inner Unicorn Meets My Little Pony

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