Letter F

Created in April 2019 as a piece of graffiti art on the walls of Leake Street Tunnel, London (spray paint)

In 2018 I started to create my own spray painted pieces, and when I did I started to study the graffiti art and tagging around London, Hackney, Shoreditch, Waterloo you name it. So I started to create hand drawn artwork around letters and words which were had meaning to me, specifically around my meditation and affirmation practise. Through that practise I started to explore the use of words, colour, and thought which has expanded. The magic of the spoken word, literature, beautiful prose which I could combine with creating art pieces. The complexity of the pieces vary. Sometimes I keep it simple playing around more with colour and the design aspect - I love the graphic basis of memphis design and so decided to incorporate that into my artwork.


This specific piece is part of series of letters which started out as a an A5 drawing based on the Letter F. 

I wanted to step away from using the black outline and explore colour without the a fixed outline. For me the letter F represents Freedom and the Fun that life holds. I wanted to use the colours that I'd used to create the Letter E art piece in the opposite way to show how you can bring beauty and fun through the same and different perspective.


This piece was created at the same time as the Hearts & Mind and Reaching.


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Letter F

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