Multiculture II

Created in 2013, and part of the Multi-culture series.

This series explores the challenges of having the "best of both worlds." The constant challenge faced by a culture drawn from different people whilst knowing that we are are stronger and richer together. How despite being cut from the same cloth we face challenges as a society to pull together and we need to endeavour for the greater good.


If you look at the starkness of the solid black shapes, these are offset by the lighter detailed image;  demonstrating just how these two supposedly opposing pieces have come together to create balance and harmony. The detailed lighter images represent the desire to find an identity away from the pull of the rest of society.


I created this piece by screen printing my images on to fabric. My stencils are based on two pieces of artwork "Queen of the Carnival" and “The Sea”. 

I wanted to use these contrasting shapes which one would not conventionally place together to show how how harmony can exist in different forms.

Multiculture II

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