Created in April 2019 as a piece of graffiti art on the walls of Leake Street Tunnel, London (spray paint).

As my voice has become stronger and I've become freer with my emotions and my feelings, I've switched to using spray painting and paint as a means of expression which I've discovered allows me to bring my art to life.


This piece was created during the same session as Hearts & Minds and the Letter F.

I was on an emotional high enjoying expressing myself through paint; having found my true voice in what I was doing and creating. This piece evolved more erratically than the other pieces during the session. I could sense this explosion of energy which was inside me, reaching and trying to get out with no control. I felt overwhelmed as this ball of energy grew stronger and more uncontrolled. So I decided to go with the flow and try and ground myself by adding more detail, circles and lines to the pieces and to bring some sense of calmness back to both me and the piece. 


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