The Look #2

Created August 2017 as a piece of graffiti art on the walls of Leake Street, London (spray paint.)


This is an example of an early attempt  at using spray paint to create artwork.


I wanted to translate my The Look artwork onto the wall and to explore could I actually do it.

Using the existing graffiti which was already on the wall, I stamped my own mark over the green background. Lacking in confidence and unsteady on my feet it was the first time I started to feel more confident in myself as an artist, that yes my artwork was good enough and could stand up and be counted.  Whilst creating this piece I wanted to add my own homage to Litchtenstein and I wanted to see what this piece would look like with the addition of dots (that and to stamp over the green background). 

During the same session, I recreated my Abstract Lady drawing with spray paints.

I’ve included this piece as it was part of the journey of where I am today in terms of using spray painting as a medium.

Initially I wanted to use spray paint to create the exact same artwork but on walls and on a larger scale. With time I realise that’s not me. I don’t want to be confined by what I should do and I don’t wish to recreate exact replicas of pieces. I want to use the different techniques of drawing, screen printing, painting, spray painting to create different forms, perspectives and interpretations of my art. That for me makes the creative process more interesting, fun, and challenging


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The Look #2

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