The Love Boot

Created in 2018, 2018 was a year where I became more confident in creating bigger and bolder art pieces. I went back to my roots namely Litchtenstein and Patrick Caulfield and wanted to create cleaner, simpler art pieces under the Pop Art umbrella. I also started experimenting with the use of words more fully as pieces of stand alone art. The power and beauty of words I use in my personal affirmation and manifestation practise, so this was a great opportunity for me to bring out the positive beauty and message of the word through my art.


This piece was me having fun and to celebrate the idea of self love. With every step we take and wherever we go we should always do so with love for ourselves and recognise that we are enough.

It’s a celebration of self-empowerment and self worth, being able to walk through life with the feeling that you are enough.


With this piece the word Love is wrapped around a simple boot and the addition of the heart carries the word through with the use of an image. The simple colour pallet and the design within the boot using lines and circles enabled me to create a bold statement piece without detracting from the word Love. I think this gives it a very pop and graphic feel.


So as much as possible I do try to wear my Love Boots to get me through the day!


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The Love Boot

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