Trapped Bird Song

Created in 2014, this piece is from my Ibiza series. Colour became my means of capturing and communicating my emotions and a state of being. The detail that was prevalent in my original doodle art began to be replaced by the use of colour instead.


When I created this piece a lot of ideas were going through my mind and I forced myself to stop and focus on simple shape and form.  My subconscious mind naturally seems to create birds in different shapes and forms. I think it’s because of the sense of freedom birds have with their ability to take off and fly off. This piece was created using a simple colour pallet. After I had completed it I realised that the bird which I had created, it’s beak was trapped. This piece reflects my internal frustration, I didn’t feel self-empowered to speak freely at work and in my personal life on the difficult topics of commitment and value. I felt trapped, unable to have the confidence to speak my mind for fear. This piece captures that idea.

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Trapped Bird Song

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