Tune into POW Radio

Created in 2018, 2018 was a year where I became more confident in creating bigger and bolder art pieces. I went back to my roots namely Litchtenstein and Patrick Caulfield and wanted to create cleaner, simpler art pieces under the Pop Art umbrella. I also started experimenting with the use of words more fully as pieces of stand alone art. The power and beauty of words I use in my personal affirmation and manifestation practise, so this was a great opportunity for me to bring out the positive beauty and message of the word through my art.


I wanted to create a piece of artwork around the word POW and to show the power of the word and the energy and vibration this word carries. I use POW asa statement to the world outside, to people, to the universe that I Midula Dey have started to believe in myself, and realise that we are all have the power and ability to create and do anything we set out minds to. The ability to harness our own superpowers and embrace them to celebrate our inner voice, our inner love for ourselves, and as a means to share a positive message.


So I decided to play on the word and at the time I was listening to music as usual, and I ended up creating a set vibrations which the POW word emitted, similar to the vibrations the sound you would get from a radio. From this I created a mouth, and played around with the colour and detail before I ended up with this piece.


It’s important in life to remind yourself to be surrounded by positive thoughts and a positive environment to keep you in the right mainframe. That’s one of the things I’ve learnt along the way.


This piece is a special piece for me because it was drawn in a Moleskin sketch book that some good friends of mine had gifted to me. Every time I drew in the book was a reminder of our friendship so I would always be that extra careful when creating artwork in my Moleskin sketch book.


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Tune into POW Radio

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