Un Dos Tres Calypso

Created March 2019 as a piece of graffiti art on the walls of Leake Street, London (spray paint.)


As my voice has become stronger and I've become freer with my emotions and my feelings, I've switched to using spray painting and paint as a means of expression which I've discovered allows me to bring my art to life. Spray paint and paint has become my current medium of choice as I look to create larger artworks.


During this session I was playing around with the spray paint and trying out different caps (with the purpose of improving my technique and trying to get that elusive skinny black line.)


With no real plan in mind, I allowed the piece to evolve over the course of the afternoon. Exploring the idea of being in a state of flow and allowing life to lead you reaching out for opportunities as the pass by, I wanted to take things easy during this piece. The name is after the Spanish pop song Calypso (I've been learning Spanish and listening to Spanish music throughout the year, and this has been influencing the style and energy of the artwork that I have been producing).


This piece was created during the same session as Si Te Vas.


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Un Dos Tres Calypso

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