Waiting 4 God

Created March 2019 as a piece of graffiti art on the walls of Leake Street, London (spray paint.)


As my voice has become stronger and I've become freer with my emotions and my feelings, I've switched to using spray painting and paint as a means of expression which I've discovered allows me to bring my art to life. Spray paint and paint has become my current medium of choice as I look to create larger artworks.


This piece was created during the same session as the Laid Back Lady. Inspired by the feelings of  energetic flow and spiritual awakening, over the previous few days, I’d  started to meditate more intensely and was waiting for a sign that everything was going as planned. Was I meant to pursue a career as an artist or was I destined to stay as an accountant?

Impatiently waiting to see the outcome of my efforts, and wanting to understand how my plans would unfold I let loose on this piece.


With the the human form I tend to create a very simple abstract form to depict the flow of energy legs, arms, and then I make heavy references to lips, eyes, and  the heart. That abstract form is to focus the eye of the viewer to the energy and simplicity of form.  The use of colour is always important to me . In this the use and spread of the chaotic style and colour reflect my internal battle and out of kilter sense of feeing.


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Waiting 4 God

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