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Hearts & Minds


Letter E

Laid Back Lady

Waiting 4 God

The Look #2

Picasso's 1st Dance with Emin

Picasso and Emin's Dancing Queen

Thinking Head

Internal Workings

Apple Power

Si Te Vas

Un Dos Tres Calypso

Thinking Pink Lady

ET At Home

ET Warning Shoreditch #1

ET Warning Shoreditch #2


In late 2018 Midula started to create art works outside. This move was driven by her desire to share her work to a broader mix of people and to  challenge the status quo of what constitutes graffiti art. Initially she lacked confidence in her artistic practice but after viewing Tracy Emin's A Fortnight of Tears exhibition in February 2019, Midula changed her approach. She started to focus on capturing the idea of the piece she was creating rather than on line precision. In this way, Midula has been able to challenge herself to create bigger, bolder, bigger, and more energetic pieces. Applying the principles of Pop Art and Surrealism, Midula creates large scale pieces which leaves the viewer entranced.

To find out more about each piece click on the image or for further enquires contact info@miduladey.com.

Banana Power

The Blue Lady

The Power of Y

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